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Five Best Headsets with Attached Microphones

Still on the drawing board: online English teaching. Have registered for CAD and USD Paypal. Next on the list: good quality headphones and microphone.

As they say en Mexico, ‘Poco a poco!’


Live and Work from Anywhere?

Moving into my sixth month this winter, I’m beginning to feel that I’m starting to want to go ‘home.’ This is not to say that I don’t have a wonderful rental home here in San Miquel de Allende and the winter’s been fantastic but once I cross off the wrapping up of my Artist Way grupo, a teeth cleaning, a hair appointment for cut and colour and new distance driving glasses well…? Okay, don’t forget the San Miquel de Allende shoes, of course.

Nora Dunn is my location independent heroine but I just don’t think this completely nomadic lifestyle is for me. When the rains start in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, I’m soooo happy to tuck my car in the garage and head to the airport to go south and when it’s spring round about Easter it’s time to repack my one suitcase for the trek from here to Mexico City to Los Angeles and northward to Vancouver via Amtrak train. The CoasttStarlight has been on ‘my list’ for a while and I did try to take it north to south during one Christmas vacation but the snow in Northern California just made the schedule untenable so we were bused to Portland. Of course, at the end of April going south to north won’t be a problem.

I still haven’t figured all the variables out in my now fourth winter of being a snowbird in Mexico but yes, it’s a pretty sweet lifestyle!  It would just be all that much better with a road/life companion south and north of the border. Are you listening to me, cupid?

Think it’s time…

13 Food Items to Always Buy in Bulk

This winter, I’ve done a whole lot more shopping at the markets and the local neighbourhood tienditas and tortillerias so I’ve really made much more of an effort to cook at home and shop economically. I even learned how to soak and cook different kinds of dried beans! Wonder why I was worried! And in my first month I bought the basic spices so I’d have them on hand for my six month stay. Then, I can whip up a presentable breakfast, lunch or dinner and not always be looking for a restaurante.

Really, a once a month shop for heavier items at a grocery chain store is adequate. And Costco in Mexico? How great is it that both the large grocery stores AND Costco stock wine, beer and of course lots of different kinds of tequila?

Viva Mexico!

Modern-Day Lewis and Clark Unconventional Guide – House Sitting Travel

The book being reviewed is Nora Dunn^s, Live and Work From Anywhere. After four winters in Mexico, I’ve got the livepart mostly figured out; just need to fine tune the work part so that money flows into my PayPal account not out of it.

Next winter? Destination Boquete and Panama City! Boquete to volunteer for a foundation called Unexpected Moments of Magic and Pajama City for my next big Latin America arts and cultural experience.

As loooooong as I keep to my newly adopted ONE suitcase snowbird modus operandi and mi espanol keeps improving I have a whole lot more options than just returning to the high gringo count Mexican enclaves of Ajijic and San Miquel de Allende. Not that these places are inherently inauthentic or anything but there’s a wild, wonderful world to explore as loooooong as I can ascend the next airplane stairs and the one after that and the one after that. And…

What is my opinion of Puerta Vallarta gringo gulch condo developments OR worse yet, overpriced time shares?

Just shoot me now. I wouldn’t stay in one even IF it was completely gratis.  This ramblingrrl simply MUST ramble…Just wish/pray/ hope I could meet a ramblin’ man.

Are you listening, Universe? It’s time…

HISPANIC CULTURE, a Very Brief Overview

This m fourth winter in Mexico and am by no means an expert on the life, times and culture but I have observed a few key differences that are relevant even for a short term stay. I do not agree with every point raised but overall the content encapsulates the essence of what the average snowbird sees and experiences on a day to day basis regarding the importance of the family and especially concepts of time.

The Truth About Mexico, Yes Really!

This is filed under Brouhaha about Mexico.  Having spent four wonderful winters here my perspective on the NOB/North of the Border sensationalistic news coverage is radically different and I hope more balanced than the fear mongering tabloid news being spewed out continuously  NOB.

Violence and mayhem, you say? Try watching the nightly news coverage from Miami, Florida. Now, THAT’S a scary city that needs a travel advisory pronto!

And no, I’m not exaggerating for emphasis. Not in the least.

What do Rebozos Look Like at Ajijic, Mexico? : Chapala Club

Rebozos! Such a wonderful, colorful and yes singularly practical piece of clothing! Essentially, this oversize shawl is used by women from the cradle to the grave in oh so many ways!

Check out the above article to find out more about this versatile garment and if you are ever stuck for a lightweight but special gift that takes up very little space in your suitcase, really, look no farther!

Financial Travel Tip #124: Saving for Retirement While Traveling – The Professional Hobo

Naturally, I want to continue my traveling life as loooooong as I possibly can domestically and abroad but…there may come a time in hmmm, my late 90s when I may want to get a dog and stay closer to home…sigh.  Thus new article from Nora Fun tells us what she is doing for this eventuality.