Mercados y Más Mercados!

Urban markets: Mexico City’s mercados and tianguis. | Mexico City

What can I say? I love shopping and markets/ mercados.  From the impromptu street stands that are here today/ gone tomorrow to the city within a city Albatros anything goes mercado in Oaxaca where there is a whole rather scary voodoo spell supply section; Mexican markets are simply magnetic! 

They each have their own very unique vibration, flavour and attitude and you have to be in just the right mood to wander around and savour and enjoy each market’s very particular cache. Some are no nonsense commerce food and restaurante outlets and some just have that omg, they are selling THAT? factor!  Some have vendors where you can make a deal and haggle for a slightly better price and some have vendors who repeatedly fixate on the posted price and turn down the visible peso bill offered. So you walk on…

To the next stall or buy from a mobile vender wandering by with no stall other than what they can carry or in the case of hats/ sombreros what they can pile precariously on top of their heads! I have seen fresh eggs just laid minutes before and even fresher chicken and turkeys on offer that can be bought live and butchered, plucked and cooked at home. I have seen unlucky songbirds caught inside bags or in cramped highrise birdcages wired and balanced together and carried through the street.

Jicamas heaped in the back of a truck sold by a father and daughter team? Sure? Bags of 15 pesos avocados in the bike basket of a passing cyclist? Why not? Hats and scarves on a small table dragged out of a house to a spot under a light post on a dark and cool winter night? Good idea! 

The commerce of Mexico is lively, fluid and endlessly fascinating! Don’t take your shopping list because most of the fun is discovering wonderous things to put in your existing or even newly purchased 5 peso sugar sack emblazoned with colourful logos and brands. 

Makes our sedate, regulated farmers markets up north look positively boring in comparison! 


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