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Welcome to the Expat Forum Community

I m in! I m hip, happening and now connected globally and my blog will be listed amidst the others.

A while back I asked for my blog to be linked to this forum and their policy was that the blog had to have at least ten postings. Well, I supassed that at least two months ago so I m going to ask to link to this fantastico expat/travellers abroad forum I am also linkied with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It s showtime!

Welcome to the Expat Forum Community
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Movie Pocket Repertory Cinemas in Centro
Oh my, I’ve been here a month and have not been to this Centro cinemaphile paradiso! Must rectify this for the next three months, for sure since I have to take a taxi back to my casita up in the hills anyway!

This charming repertory theatre gives you the old time big screen/small ticket experience and here the ticket even inclues a drink and popcorn!

This just in!  Another cinema has come to my attention. Once again a fabuloso repertory cinematic experience where the admission includes palomita y una bebida. It s called Cinema Splendor so I know where I ll be most nights now instead of watching Access Hollywood. Totally weary of the over the top news coverage of that pop brat, Justin Bieber. The issue of deportation has come up and I don t know about you but Canada should close it s borders on this self indulgent punk (and the teenage parents who had him) who has far too much money.

Apparently his not even 40 year old mom supplied him with prescription pharmaceuticals and his not even 40 year old dad was in on the high speed Lambourgini chicken racing. Like c mon, this isn t Meridian Avenue on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan where you can befuddle both sets of RCMP officers with double province jurisdiction. You are willfulfully and consciously breaking the law and putting people s lives at risk in a foreigh country where you have an alien visa status.

  And for what?  Bit of a hissy fit over not being nominated for anything at all at the Grammys and having plummeting recording sales as his well over 15 minutes of fame fades and he approaches the age of majority in ALL provinces and states?

Enough already and enough said… – The community for your stay abroad!

There are so many superb sites for nomads/flashpackers/wanderers/ramblingrrls like me it’s truly inspirational. There are other travellers (in the true sense of the word as opposed to tourists) out there breaking new trails and discovering new frontiers.Thus far, I don’t know…yet…anyone who is doing exactly what I am doing mas o menos by choice AND/or financial situation but perhaps one will surface at some point.  Just like those Canadian enhanced drivers licences, I feel that I am an enhanced snowbird not only taking full advantage of the opportunity to extend my partial teacher’s pension but because I involved in the life and times of the neighbourhood and locale but I’m also a voluntario for special events like the SMA International Literary Festival or teaching English at the SMA School of english on Cale Recreo in Centro..Last winter I taught English at Jovenes Adelante.

There ate full time travellers like the Professional Hobo, condo/resort or time share owners who stay in gringo enclaves the whole winter in the same place year after year…yawn… and then there are those adventurous souls who just say, WTF, I m selling everything and moving to a foreign country with two suitcases as an expat.  Betwixt and between both ends of the continuum here I am with a six month Mustang convertible in a garage for the winter and my worldly belongings ready to pack up and move to yet a new place or storage locker when I return in May!

I ve downsized three times and I m positive that I can get the ‘stuff’ down even more!  Naturally, I say this as I ponder walking through yet another wonderful artisan market here in Centro San Miquel de Allende.  The Professional Hobo woman is obviously not a shopper if she travels the world with only a carry on case! I m just not there but over my four winters as a snowbird I ve whittled things down to what I hope is a manageable amount of luggage come the end of April.

Whenever i start talking or writing about the all encompassing STUFF that chokes our places, basements and garages I always think of the late, great Georg Carlin and his roll on the ground laughing / rotgl? performance about stuff. No matter how many times I see it, I just laugh my proverbial head off/ lmao?

What I am currently exploring is a bi country retirement lifestyle as a viable alternative to staying somewhere in the winter where it is ccccccold and ssssnowy or gray, gloomy and rainy like either the interior of British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley where I lived for about 20 years or where I am now in Nanaimo on Vancouer Island. Why stay in  the gray and gloom if you don’t have to? So many countries abroad are actively courting us babyboomers with jubilada/o descuentos. And there are the dental and medical savings that probably pay for your airplane ticket!

For example, tomorrow I’m getting my eyes checked and have picked out a kickass pair of Carolina Ferera frames for my ( ‘old lady’…not!} glasses. Well, NOB, I would never consider these high end designer frames but here they are about half the price including the eye examination. And then there’s the hair factor. On Canal Calle here there is a fantastic hairstylist at La Coiffeur who is THE best colourist around NOB or SOB! It’s getting time to get those gray roots foiled and Juan who was expertly trained in Mexico City is the best of the best!

This year I left on Noember 30th exactly ONE day ahead of the first snowfall. I stayed in Nanaimo to participate in NaNoWriMo and finally write my first…and I dare say last 50,000 word novel. It’s a whole lot harder than I had imagined and I discovered that I’m a much better blogger and documentary filmmaker than fictional novelist or fictional playright. There’s so many wonderful stories out there just waiting to be discovered and yes, EVERYONE, yes everyone has a fascinating backstory!

Statistically, Nanaimo has more rain than Victoria but less than Vancouver at 71 days on average. But this week i discovered that omg, Portland has about 164 days which is slightly more than Seattle at 149. No wonder it’s such a hotbed of arts and culture. It’s raining all the time!

Note to self: Check out the series Portlandia. It seems like a hotbed of arts, music and culture and alternative culture.

Date a Man Who Travels / A Manifesto for Ramblingrrls Everywhere

This got me a bit choked up because even though I’ve traveled extensively on my own I really do enjoy traveling with a male companion.

Universe are you listening? I’m living in a tiny casita on San Miquel de Allende, Mexico this winter but I can live anywhere from a NoTel motel to a yurt and everything in between and make it a home/love nest anywhere in the world! And yes, for the curious, I have stayed in both. NO other details forthcoming haha…

And btw, Cupid,  Valentine’s Day is a mere two weeks away…so don’t delay! I’ve got a kickass profile under ramblingrrl on OKCupid with quite a fabuloso selfie wearing my new 50 peso Ray Bans, no less.

Travel Tuesdays: Interview with Audrey of That Backpacker

Another fellow Canucks traveler/wanderer/blogger! and now this one!

Hmm, what about us makes out difficult to stay home but we wear our Canadian flag pin somewhere on our backpack?

Watch “Ejército Mexicano sobrevolando San Miguel de Allende.” on YouTube

Last week Centro was chock o block packed and because I’m so short I couldn’t get any  good pictures or videos but lo and behold this came through my Facebook feed in a very timely manner as I wrap up my reflectiions on being a first winter snowbird her in San Miquel! I already know I’ll be returning, si dios quieren/ if God wants.  But one idea that came to me this week was to spend December in another Spanish speaking country like Ecuador or Panama for example. I’ll have to check the flight pattern viability of this of course before I make any arrangements but after just a preliminary surface reseach sweep of the top sites in Quito it appears that there are a number of inexpensive options including homestays via 

For new readers of this blog, I was once a top rated hostess on this now worldwide site when i owned my downtown character house in Penticton, British Comumbia and also a two occasion hostess for  I have been an airbnb guest but not thus far a couch surfer. In any case, I only host travelers more or less my own age as I have no interest in feeding , housing and being anybody’s den ‘mother.’

The Twenty Ultimate Travel Apps as Recommended by Travel Bloggers | Xyo

Fantastico y useful! I’m gonna road test Trail Wallet next month to track my weekly expenses. This month I had a reimbursement of some of my complementary medical expense so the numbers would be a bit skewed and my pension cheque arrived in my bank account prior to Christmas. I’ve been seeking a user friendly expense tracker for use on both sides of the border! Some of the other 19 I know about but not all. I’ll continue to as to this post as I review them!