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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Travel Guide : Architectural Digest

Looking back at last winter’s snowbird home fondly…


Craft a Perfect Resume Summary with this Checklist

At any given time even though retired you may need a resume for a part time or online gig so here a good article to peruse.

Create a Travel Contingency Pack In Case of International Emergency

On Wednesday, I wired my 3000 pesos to the property manager to secure my five month rental in Oaxaca for my fifth Mexican winter rental.

The rent is only 6000 all inclusive including weekly maid service. The one bedroom apartment is in the Xochilmilco Barrio just north of the Zocolo.

Mexican winner # 5 coming up!

You may be asking yourself, why five months. I wasn’t to have flex time both going and returning so my actual rental is mid November to mid April.  There’s a conference for TESL teachers in Cancun in early November and them I can take the bus down the Yucatan peninsula to Oaxaca stopping here and there.

As they say the journey is just as important…and enjoyable as the destination!

5 of the Best Language Learning Apps for Your Travels Abroad

Destination: Oaxaca

My Spanish keeps getting better poco a poco pero going to a place with even fewer expats and snowbirds than either Ajijic or San Miquel will keep moving me forward in my second language acquisition. I guess it’s really the third but I’m basically trying yo forget the French I studied from Grade 5 to Grade 12.

Spanish is ever so much more useful and spoken in the countries I want to travel to as a One Suitcase Snowbird!