Best of Both Worlds and Beyond!
For the last two winters I’ve tried out the snowbird life in Mexico and have found out that it suits me to a T. I have just returned from five months in Ajijic, Jalisco this year following four months the year before. Since I’ve retired AND sold my character house last spring I have made big time changes and adjustments in my life as I have downsized/right sized, reconfigured and retrofitted my life to mesh with a 6 month/6 month living arrangement. I have my dream car of a Mustang convertible but only insure it for driving six months of the year. I eschewed buying a condo or townhouse here in the Harbour City although the prices are quite favourable to go back to being a happy renter whereby someone else does the yardwork, pays the utilities and property taxes and I just enjoy my living space that is comfotable and safe and clean and not in need of endless renos like my previous residence in downtown Penticton. Last year I came back bearing a statuette of St. Joseph, patron saint of Real Estate and in three months less a day AND 24 viewings and six offers ONE offer finally stuck and I took the money paid off my debts, invested most and took some to pay for my move and subsequent travel adventures.

Next up is an adventure in being an Epicure Selections consultant and this blog will chronicle my experiences taste testing the products and trying out the Mexicana recipes for month one anyway. There is about six weeks until the launch of the new Spring catalogue so I want to be ready for that with enough product knowledge and confidence to hold a few home parties right here in my own neighbourhood! That is my short term goal and I have the motivation and time to make it happen. My sponsor, Val went from unemployment to having a downline of 300 consultants and even if this is not my full time modus opeandi I certainly believe that I can recoup my modest investment AND improve the quality of my life in expanding my cooking repertoire AND learning about the wonderful world of spices!


3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds and Beyond!

    1. Hello and thank you for the feedback on my blog Snowbird Soliloquy. Yes, I d love to do a guest posting on your site. This is my third successful snowbird winter in Mexico so I have picked up a lot of insider knowledge along the way. Please send me the length parameters, focus etc. and I ll start composing it pronto!

      Joanne B

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