Skills for online teaching | Skype English Teaching Jobs have fun teach Online now

I have a few goals for Winter Number 4 in Mexico and on the top of the list is to develop an online English teaching presence. Last summer I taught absolutely every level of English from Beginner Beginner all the way through Advanced wrapping up with three sessions of Business English focusing on Interview questions.

Today in my research for the ways and means to ‘ hang up my shingle’ so to speak I found out that interview English is in high demand. Which only makes sense really. There are so many non native speakers at top universities out of their own country earning their degrees or advanced degrees in English. So while they may have tip top marks eclipsing the locals they still need to jump the hurdle of applying for and getting that all important first position.

So this is where I come in. Being the rolling stone that I was during my career actually gives me the edge in this because not only have I worked for five different school districts and one private school in Oxnard, California I have also been a bartender and clerical temporary worker in a number of settings. Now being retired I’m no longer on the front lines but I feel that I still do have something to offer in the way of my varied background and experience. I no longer ever wish to teach children but my 30 years in the classroom developed many transferable skills of immediate value and use in either f2f or online English teaching settings.

Okay, I believe I can leave the University of Starbucks for today and wend my way home the long way until the sun goes down and a taxi is indicated due to a few heavy book acquisitions earlier this afternoon at the Biblioteca.


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