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Learning to Teach Online (Coursera) | MOOC List

Attention lifelong learner retirees! Wanna go to Harvard, Tale, Beverley our any other global university for free? or

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The Handy Guide to a Competitive WordPress Site : Example Incuded, Lesson 1

July 8, 2014

There are 6 Aspects that either Make or Break your WordPress Site. Read all about them.

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** The 6 Aspects That Make or Break WordPress Sites.

** Learn how you can analyze your site and see why it’s not attracting enough readers.

In the last training program from ContentLook (the Content Marketing program with 14 lessons and actionable files), you learned the basics of Content Marketing and how to start attracting people to your site. Now you will learn how to make your wordpress site truly competitive.

There’s always the feeling that your site is not doing as well as it should, and it’s amazingly hard to come up with an answer for why it just doesn’t get enough traffic.

I’ve got good news for you: There is a way to analyze all of this and come up with a smart solution.

Read the First Lesson ( and look closely at the example, to make sure you understand how you can come up with valid assumptions that will help you improve your wordpress site, for better traffic.

Don’t let website improvement be just guess work and magic. Track all the aspects of your digital marketing strategy and improve based on in-depth reports.

The Next Lessons will go more into detail about the competitive wordpress sites and also provide you with great insight on how to optimize your articles for humans, to make your content more likeable and bring you social love from your readers.

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Online Teaching? What is it about and what are the advantages?

Online Teaching? Why not?

The demand for English teachers is as strong as ever, and students are looking for
cheaper and more alternatives to learn English. At the same time, more teachers are looking for work-from-home opportunities that allow them to set their own hours
and rates. Through the internet, the world of language learning is transforming itself to for both students and teachers alike. People everywhere, young and old,
are using webcams, headsets, and software such as Skype to communicate with friends
and family. So why not use it to teach English too! You can opt for working part-time
to earn an extra salary, or work full-time and earn a living wage to live comfortably.
If you are interested in working from home or working abroad, contact us today; we have the industry experience and direct contacts to help you to succeed in this
growing employment field.

The duties of successfully placed candidates include:

* Teaching conversational English as a foreign language.
* Modify and adapt lessons to meet the needs of the online students.
* Maintaining student grading/assessment.
* Teaching assigned subjects to assigned classes as per schedule provided.
* Follow virtual’s school scope of work, policies and guidelines in relation to their duties.

Some of the advantages of teaching through a computer can be:

* Hourly Rate: Having the potential to have a profitable income: You can earn a starting salary of up to $14 USD an hour!
* Chance to Travel: If you travel quite a lot, you can always work. Just make sure
you have wired internet connection to deliver high quality classes.
* Highly Interactive Classes: It is next to impossible for your student to be distracted
during class since his/her attention is 100% focused on the online conversation.
* Accurate Teacher Feedback: Since you are having a one-on-one conversations with
one student at a time you can see their progress and precise understanding of the
lesson being taught, as well as his/her reading, writing and listening skills.
* In-depth Exercises: As students do not have peer pressure and begin to trust you
as a mentor, you can ask them complex questions so you analyze and evaluate critical
thinking skills instead of just recall.
* Broad Range of Students: One of the most exciting aspects of teaching through skype is being able to teach students from all over the world, having interesting
conversations and research papers. Nevertheless, most online students are Asian.
* Intellectual Challenge: Students expect frequent feedback. Be prepared to be organized,
easygoing, and a great conversationalist.
* Current Events: One way to teach online is to ask your students’ local events.
That way, you are both aware of the day’s news. Having this exchange on cultural
events can be both rewarding for your student and for you as an accomplished tutor.

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Thinking of Mexico? Check Out Progreso

Progreso isn’t the most well-known vacation or retirement destination in Mexico…but it’s more affordable than other beach destinations in Mexico and costs just a fraction of what a similar beach destination would cost in the U.S. If you’re looking for an authentic slice of Mexico, by the beach, it could be the place for you.

It certainly is for Patti, the writer of today’s Daily Postcard…

Erica Mills
Managing Editor, IL Postcards

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Thinking of Mexico? Check Out Progreso
By Patti Morrow

The crystal-clear emerald surf rolls gently onto the white sandy beach. Combined with the pungent salty air and gentle sea breeze, it’s nearly lulling me to sleep on my towel under one of the empty palapas on the oceanfront. Except for a local dog frolicking along the water, I’m the only one on this stretch of beach, as far as I can see.

That’s not because I’m here in “low” season. The town of Progreso, Mexico, is on the Gulf of Mexico, and it hardly matters when you go to the beach. With a yearly average high temperature of 83 F and average low of 73 F, there are no bad beach days in this paradise.

From my empty beach, I take a 15-minute walk south along the malecón (boardwalk), which bring me back to Progreso’s four-mile-long pier—the longest in the world. Here, the beach scene is bustling with mostly locals. Friends sit chatting in lounge chairs, live mariachi bands are playing, and solo musicians are walking around singing to anyone who will listen. Small restaurants line the malecón serving Leon Negra (the local beer), shot glasses of the licorice-flavored native drink called Xtabentun, and salt-laced margaritas. You can hear the clinking salutes as you pass by.

Even though Progreso shares Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula with Cancun, it is not a glamorous tourist destination. (That’s not to say you have to rough it here. For those wishing to be pampered, you can get a full-body massage right on the beach for $10 an hour.) Just 30 minutes north of the vibrant colonial city of Mérida, this town is “classic” Mexico. It lacks the progress of the Caribbean side of the Yucatan peninsula, making it an authentic and favored retreat of Mérida’s residents and North American expats.

The recently expanded malecón is paved in a pleasant, undulating pattern inviting patrons to cross the street into the small downtown where you’ll find lively cantinas and savory-smelling tapas wafting from outdoor cafes. A stuffed chile relleno lunch (enough for two) is $10; margaritas are $5 for two glasses.

Further down, the open-air market can barely contain the tables spilling forth with locally handmade crafts, multicolored blankets, and one-of-a-kind pieces of art and jewelry. A pair of earrings, as brilliant green as the ocean just a block away, with intricately inlaid mother-of-pearl flowers costs just $2.

The market is relaxed and low-key. While waiting for customers, two shop owners are content to sit swinging and chatting in the very hammocks they are trying to sell.

In the farmer’s market, I can find a good variety of inexpensive seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avocados sell for less than $1 for two pounds. Tomatoes are 75 cents for a little over two pounds.

If you’re looking for an affordable, laid-back fishing and beach community, this is it. Because Progreso is still relatively less developed than popular tourist beach spots like Cancun and Riviera Maya, here, just a few minutes from the malecón, you can find an attractive new two-bedroom beach home with an open floor plan and high-end finishes for just $140,000. It comes with a pool, courtyard, and ocean views. Travel even a little bit inland and you’ll pay even less.

Best of all, Progreso is as safe a location as you can find just about anywhere in the world, untouched by the troubles of border cities like Nuevo Laredo and Ciudad Juarez. The safety of this area has been compared to the rural U.S. States of Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and North Dakota. It’s just one more reason why Progreso is a great retirement destination.

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Week Seven Thwarted Dreams

As I recall from the last time I facillitated Finding Water in Ajijic, Mexico the divining rod about thwarted dreams struck a deep chord in people. At the time my living room in my Mexican apartment was filled with a diverse collwction of facinating expats all with amazing stories of how they came to Mexico!

But arent ALL our stories amazing?  We enjoy talking about dreams, making dreams come true, affirming those dreams as if they have already happened. Well, what if…someone/something/a higher power/self knows far better than you what is supposed to happen?


Didnt Mick Jagger once sing that You cant always get what you want but if you try sometimes you ger wgat you need?