Online Teaching? What is it about and what are the advantages?

Online Teaching? Why not?

The demand for English teachers is as strong as ever, and students are looking for
cheaper and more alternatives to learn English. At the same time, more teachers are looking for work-from-home opportunities that allow them to set their own hours
and rates. Through the internet, the world of language learning is transforming itself to for both students and teachers alike. People everywhere, young and old,
are using webcams, headsets, and software such as Skype to communicate with friends
and family. So why not use it to teach English too! You can opt for working part-time
to earn an extra salary, or work full-time and earn a living wage to live comfortably.
If you are interested in working from home or working abroad, contact us today; we have the industry experience and direct contacts to help you to succeed in this
growing employment field.

The duties of successfully placed candidates include:

* Teaching conversational English as a foreign language.
* Modify and adapt lessons to meet the needs of the online students.
* Maintaining student grading/assessment.
* Teaching assigned subjects to assigned classes as per schedule provided.
* Follow virtual’s school scope of work, policies and guidelines in relation to their duties.

Some of the advantages of teaching through a computer can be:

* Hourly Rate: Having the potential to have a profitable income: You can earn a starting salary of up to $14 USD an hour!
* Chance to Travel: If you travel quite a lot, you can always work. Just make sure
you have wired internet connection to deliver high quality classes.
* Highly Interactive Classes: It is next to impossible for your student to be distracted
during class since his/her attention is 100% focused on the online conversation.
* Accurate Teacher Feedback: Since you are having a one-on-one conversations with
one student at a time you can see their progress and precise understanding of the
lesson being taught, as well as his/her reading, writing and listening skills.
* In-depth Exercises: As students do not have peer pressure and begin to trust you
as a mentor, you can ask them complex questions so you analyze and evaluate critical
thinking skills instead of just recall.
* Broad Range of Students: One of the most exciting aspects of teaching through skype is being able to teach students from all over the world, having interesting
conversations and research papers. Nevertheless, most online students are Asian.
* Intellectual Challenge: Students expect frequent feedback. Be prepared to be organized,
easygoing, and a great conversationalist.
* Current Events: One way to teach online is to ask your students’ local events.
That way, you are both aware of the day’s news. Having this exchange on cultural
events can be both rewarding for your student and for you as an accomplished tutor.

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