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10 Ways to Travel Like a Local Anywhere

Be sure and check out number 10. Makes so much sense in these hazy crazy smartphone Facebook/Instagram days.

Be present. Experiences not just ticking of attractions. Moving into my fifth out of sixth month odd my fourth snowbird junket I realize that the last month just went by in a blur of tour guiding. Great to have guests but not great when you are exhausted and burned out from overtaking and overstimulation.

Pacing is key. Sometimes I still forget that this is NOT a two week vacation or holiday where you simply have to pack as much add humanly possible before you leave.

Really, one major event or activity is lots.  Retirement is a lifestyle not a job so hour by hour fasteners do not apply.

On that note, I believe I’ll go out for my daily anything can happen walkabout over to Colonia Guadalupe to check out the art store there and wander around. Do some reading and journaling at a coffee stop somewhere along the line as I reflect on the events of the past whirlwind month.

I know I’m behind on few postings that I will be working on today and tomorrow to start the week and month fresh.

Heading into March, I am definitely aware that my time in SMA is finite and yes, I want to make the most of out but not to the point of having a far too frenetic schedule.

All in good time.add they say.

To be posted. TBP

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Si, that should keep me productively occupied!