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Invierno Number Five

Wow!  How time has flown. It doesn’t seem that long that I was standing at the Nanaimo Airport in November 2nd with my maleta morado nervously awaiting the verdict of the weight of my ONE suitcase!

49.5 pounds!

A personal best!  And now I’m typing this at a downtown (not Nanaimo, yet) Los Angeles Starbucks after quite an unusual period of blogging dormancy. How very unusual because I always have lots to say about absolutely everything and anything. After attending a great MEXTESOL conference in Cancun and staying in that dreadful Americanized Mexican city because my Oaxacan rental did not start until mid November I was very happy to board that overnight Primavera Plus bus bound for my new apartment in the beautiful city of Oaxaca in Oaxaca State. Previous to this particular winter I started my half and half snownird lifestyle in Ajijic, Jalisco for two winters, San Miquel de Allende, Guanajuato for two winters and this was my first winter in Oaxaca.

Three quite distinctive locales with unique features for either snownirds or expats. It’s time for a walkabout in Little Tokyo now so I’m going to sign out now with the intent to return and scribe a comparative but yes, subjective analysis of the three different cities in different Mexican states. This was the first winter I was teaching in an English escuela hence my prolonged absence from blogging. At one point I had a split shift of two different intermediate classes and an additional three hour Satuday class and this naturally occupied a lot of my time. But, naturally I did namage to fit in a trip to Morelia, Patzscuro and the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary in the state of Michican! I also attended Spanish classes and an incredible one dat cooking class at the world class chooling school of Susanna Trilling, a former NYC chef and long time expat.

More incredible details, comments, musings, observations and descriptive write ups to come!  For now please direct your attention of my Twitter feed


Throughout the winter, I  found the 140 character format both a challenge and a way to ‘freeze frame’ those memorable moments that are so transitory but in some cases life and perspective changing!

As Joni Mitchel once wisely sang, ‘Something’s lost and something’s gained in living everyday…’

Totally true/verdad.  So I will return to blogging ‘full tilt boogie’ when I’m back on my transportation mode of choice…Amtrak!  After experiencing the two day Passover observance with my long time Jewish amigas here in Burbank, California I’ll be continuing my looooooong journey homeward bound on Sunday morning arriving in Portland, Oregon, my next ‘port of call’ so to speak on Monday afternoon.

More to follow; so much more thinking backward and forward in a mas o menos zig sag, not linear fashion which is basically how remembrances work anyway. I’m always rather suspect of those memoir writers who appear to be able to reconstruct days, weeks, months and every years in highly detailed accounts compete with dialogue?

Like who are they trying to kid?