Monthly Archives: October 2016

Warming Up For Winter Number Six to Mexico and South America!

Definitely overdue for some timely topics now that my new navy ultralight suitcase is filling up with what I think will be essential for a rather itinerant snowbird experience this year in stark contrast to my previous winters where I’ve rented a suite or town house for the winter in one place and stayed there! Sure, I ventured out to Puerta Vallarta twice and last winter to the famous Butterfly sanctuary in Michican but still…I actually unpacked my suitcase completely all five winters.

The winter ahead?  Not too likely because I’ll be ON the move from city to city and possibly hostel to hostel. AND for the first time I’ll be venturing into a previously unexplored continent.

Viva South America!

Update: I had a freak but fortunately not serious slide, Yes slide down 17 steps leading down from my upstairs room at Ajijic Suites my very FIRST morning in Mexico. after getting xrays I found out nothing was broken but…

The but factor has thrown my ambitious itinerary into free fall as alternate arrangements were being made and now have been made. I will now be at Lakeside until the end of the year leaving on December 30th bound for a city as yet unvisited, Cuernaca about an hour outside Mexico City and then rather prematurely home by March.