Navidad y New Years in San Miguel de Allende

Another New Year has commenced and with this many expats and snowbirds in town there were fiestas all over town celebrating midnight in a vast number of time zones!  My landlady attended one hosted by an English expat so midnight was 6 p.m. For six months a year I live in British Columbia, Canada on PST so my midnight was 10 p.m.

I really wanted to go to the Jardin/ Plaza Principal last night for the open air party and fireworks but unfortunately it was a matter of the spirit was willing but the body had a stuffy head cold. This actually came as a bit of a surprise because I have not been sick since I left the toxic germ pit of public school teaching! Note to self: wash hands much more often and carry antibacterial wipes at all times.

There are still more Navidad festivities to come namely Three Kings Day on January 6th but one of the truly great things about having  sunny, warm Christmas south of the border is
that the Mexicans never ever forget the ‘reason for the season. ‘ Starting on December 12th, the special feast day for the Patron Saint of Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe right through to February 2nd when the very last tamale Fiesta is held by the person finding the plastic baby Jesus in the Rosca del Reyes fruit bread the festive season here is just a joy to witness and experience.


The decorations and lights are modest not over the top and walking around seing the Guadalupe shrines and the live farm animals in front of the full size nativity in the gazebo in Plaza Principal is a very special experience. Everyone is in a good mood and the fevered frenzy evident in North of the border shopping malls is just nonexistent. In fact the Mexican children don’t even receive their gifts until January 6, Three Kings Day. Last year I was emerging from a room featuring an ATM machine in Centro and at that very moment the Three Kings/Wise Men on horseback rode by.

Magic… A very special memory!

Feliz Nuevo to one and all from the San Rafael Colonia of San Miguel de Allende!


3 thoughts on “Navidad y New Years in San Miguel de Allende

  1. This was a lovely post. You really captured the essence of the San Miguel Christmas spirit.

    Happy New Year and continue enjoying your Mexican life.


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