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Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

In the days of apps for everything and nothing, I offer a chart that is on ONE screen and just converts ALL the major time zones all at once. It’s kinda retro groovy but definitely does the job.

In the timeless, borderless world of Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCS for short it is very useful to know when time sensitive assignments are due. I missed one writing deadline because of the UTC variable so this time round I wish to account for this factor by knowing exactly when my assignment is due.

22:00 UTC or Coordinated Universal time equals 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Daylight Savings Time.

So now I know and so do you!


Why Thick Flour Tortillas Never Made It Big And Thin Tortillas Did : The Salt : NPR

Certainly missing my fressshhh corn tortillas from the tortilleria in the colonia our barrio! Saw some at the Wednesday Farmers Market and will pick some up later today downtown at Farmers’ Market.

International Living English Teaching Information

This weekend, I’m getting a high quality headset to plug into my new HP laptop with HD webcam and I’ll be good to go in a month or less! That’s good to go…virtually… because my new ‘classroom’ will be ANYWHERE in the world with a WIFI connection.

When I was in San Miquel de Allende, Guanajuato the past two winters both English and Spanish language learners referred to the Starbucks coffee emporium as the University of Starbucks!

Not sure if there is a Starbucks in Oaxaca where I’m heading to in a mere eight weeks but Mexico does have dependable wifi everywhere!

Naturally, after teaching little kids for thirty years I only teach adults now. A brand new frontier!

And speaking of which, today is session two on my current Artist Way group using Julia Cameron’s powerful book, Riding the Dragon; the Artist Way at Work. This is now my eleventh group/grupo on both sides of the border.  There are nine participants and the location is a beautiful oceanview home in the College Heights area of Nanaimo.

These sessions take place in the morning from 10:30 to 12:15 and in the afternoon I organize a Soul Collage Card Making Playshop from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. We’ve done a Four Directions series and now we are going through the Seven Chakras with the feature chakra today being the solar plexus yellow chakra. The I KNOW chakra.

The Artist Way creative cluster is full but we can accept a few drop ins from time to time for 15.  The Soul Collage Playshop fee is only 8. or 100 pesos.

Check out for more information about, present, past and future Artist Way groups here in Nanaimo and in Mexico during the winter months!