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Healthy Tortilla Recipes –

Tortillas here in San Miquel de Allende are ten pesos for a kilo but…only ask for media kilo/half a kilo unless you are expecting a crowd or have a large family or friend gathering. Corn tortillas, either machine made or handmade┬átend to lose there suppleness and go stale more quickly than flour tortillas. Especially those from the supermarket.

But by all means definitely support you local neighborhood tortilleria!


Curriculum Vitae Template for Teaching Online

Resumes need to be geared to the employer and apparently international employers are interested in you including more personal information that you would include to say a resume included in an entrance application to graduate school.


Buying Medications in Mexico: El Codo’s 2013 Update | The People’s Guide To Mexico

Thus site is a couple of years old but still contains useful information. I was only allowed to take three months worth of meds with me so next week I’ll be searching out Mexican equivalents.

Simply put the name of the drug in the search box at Google, then type in Mexico and the south of the border name will come up.

Destination: Oaxaca

I’m in the thick of writing the first draft of my prospective guidebook for newbie snowbirds hence my blog postings have been rather scant. Lo siento.

I’ll endeavor to catch up this week and write a posting about a delightful day trip an amiga and I did to Dolores Hidalgo, a city famous for Talavera  tile work and one that is easily reached from San Miguel de Allende by frequent bus service.