The Mugwump Considers Her Options for 2017

Casa Higos

After five wonderful snowbird winters in Mexico I am definitely coming to a crossroads in terms of what’s next… for this jypsygrrl. My first winter here I didn’t think I was the expat type. Now I’m less and less sure.  And it’s really true, after five years of having no fixed address since I sold my house there’s a small but significant part of me who is deeply yearning for a home. 

But not in an anonymous apartment complex but one in a small chosen community where people actually walk around and interact with each other.A place where you welcome your friends and family. A place to hold Artist Way groups or teach English.A place to cook up a storm or have coffee and toast. A place where there is a good medical and transportation infrastructure. 
A place where I can turn the key and look at my tchotchkes and pictures on the wall and sleep in my own bed covered with my favourite quilt and pillows.  

A sunny, light filled place to call…home. 

Mom, I know you wanted your oldest daughter to settle down and I bought 401 Braid at age 40  and you didn’t live to see it but I really, really tried to settle down ( and I did for 17 difficult years) but Penticton just wasn’t my town, my place, my time. 

You would like it here, mom. You would love all the beautiful bougainvilleas blooming year round and the 300+ days of sunshine. And you know that Blue Mountain pottery cat that looked like Charlie, our favourite Persian cat that I got for you with my last 20 bucks for Mothers Day? IF I move here I’m bringing that life size figurine with me, mom. And on the Dias de Muertes when I make the next shrine honoring you and dad I hope you both figure out I’m safe and happy and well and living in the sunshine and swing by for a visit.

Love you, mom. 

Love you dad.

I’m doing well. I really am.


One thought on “The Mugwump Considers Her Options for 2017

  1. So…you are planning to move down to permanent sunshine down there….or?? We all think of you with some envy, you know….but I think having a place of one’s own is a good feeling. Home. We are in a rented basement suite at the moment. Initially it felt so free. Now, after only 3 months I yearn at times for my own kitchen and I miss having a bath tub more than I would have ever thought possible!!!! Good luck with your deliberations. You have more courage than most of us and you are making your journey your own and scattering blessings for others along the way!

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