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10 Ways to Get the Cheapest Airfares to Panama |

Mexico OR Panama? Five or six months to decide!


25 Companies That Make Your Next Travel Adventure Cheaper and Better

25 Companies That Make Your Next Travel Adventure Cheaper and Better

Now that I’m back in my ‘what’s next?’traveling mode my suitcase is not completely unpacled, my passport is current and I’m researching my next junket!

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I really did stick to my One Suitcase Snowbird goal even thought I had to leave a book and my new hand weights at the Leon Airport. I packed my overflow in my backpack which I did check for an extra 50 USD.

Note to self. Still have 1000 pesos when leaving Mexico. Even though AeroMexico lists the baggage fee add 50 dollars USD at the airport they ONLY accept pesos!

Go figure.

I had to schlep my suitcase and backpack to the opposite side of the airport in search of a currency shame to change my USD back into pesos. Luckily I had some top up money to fill in the difference of the currency exchange ‘shrinkage.’