Live and Work from Anywhere?

Moving into my sixth month this winter, I’m beginning to feel that I’m starting to want to go ‘home.’ This is not to say that I don’t have a wonderful rental home here in San Miquel de Allende and the winter’s been fantastic but once I cross off the wrapping up of my Artist Way grupo, a teeth cleaning, a hair appointment for cut and colour and new distance driving glasses well…? Okay, don’t forget the San Miquel de Allende shoes, of course.

Nora Dunn is my location independent heroine but I just don’t think this completely nomadic lifestyle is for me. When the rains start in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, I’m soooo happy to tuck my car in the garage and head to the airport to go south and when it’s spring round about Easter it’s time to repack my one suitcase for the trek from here to Mexico City to Los Angeles and northward to Vancouver via Amtrak train. The CoasttStarlight has been on ‘my list’ for a while and I did try to take it north to south during one Christmas vacation but the snow in Northern California just made the schedule untenable so we were bused to Portland. Of course, at the end of April going south to north won’t be a problem.

I still haven’t figured all the variables out in my now fourth winter of being a snowbird in Mexico but yes, it’s a pretty sweet lifestyle!  It would just be all that much better with a road/life companion south and north of the border. Are you listening to me, cupid?

Think it’s time…

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