Modern-Day Lewis and Clark Unconventional Guide – House Sitting Travel

The book being reviewed is Nora Dunn^s, Live and Work From Anywhere. After four winters in Mexico, I’ve got the livepart mostly figured out; just need to fine tune the work part so that money flows into my PayPal account not out of it.

Next winter? Destination Boquete and Panama City! Boquete to volunteer for a foundation called Unexpected Moments of Magic and Pajama City for my next big Latin America arts and cultural experience.

As loooooong as I keep to my newly adopted ONE suitcase snowbird modus operandi and mi espanol keeps improving I have a whole lot more options than just returning to the high gringo count Mexican enclaves of Ajijic and San Miquel de Allende. Not that these places are inherently inauthentic or anything but there’s a wild, wonderful world to explore as loooooong as I can ascend the next airplane stairs and the one after that and the one after that. And…

What is my opinion of Puerta Vallarta gringo gulch condo developments OR worse yet, overpriced time shares?

Just shoot me now. I wouldn’t stay in one even IF it was completely gratis.  This ramblingrrl simply MUST ramble…Just wish/pray/ hope I could meet a ramblin’ man.

Are you listening, Universe? It’s time…


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