Best Foods for Detoxing in the New Year – NewsZoom

Did someone mention avocados?


Here in Mexico, acacias are muy barato and you can buy them everywhere! They even come to you. Last winter, I was waiting for my bus in my colonia of San Rafael in San Miquel de Allende and this man on a bicycle rode by with bags of avocados in his front basket.  Naturally,I bought some and even remembered to ask for ‘manana’ ones so they would last a few days.

If you buy ‘hoy/today’ ones you need to eat them immediately or mush them up and make some fressshhh guacamole! Either way, who doesn’t live actual tree ripened avocados.

Back home at Costco, the bags of avocados are generally ‘next week’ avocados, alas. They start out rock hard then are slow to ripen, and suddenly they are ready to eat all at once and go bad very quickly!

By the way, authentic tortilla chips are not the Doritos kind. They are actually dried and/or fried corn tortillas cut into bite size pieces. In the supermarkets, tortilla chips are called Topopos.

Okayyyyy, time for Hora Feliz/Happy Hour! Bring on the bedidas y botanas!


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