Here’s a Step By Step Guide for Starting a Travel Blog

Hola from Cancun!

This city doesn’t have a whole lot going for it arts and culture wise but it IS easy to get to right from the regional airport in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. This snowbird winter, my fifth, I did NOT have to wrestle with my suitcase and backpack on a ferry/bus/ Canada Line Skytrain to airport and then sorta kinda sleep at the airport because of the early, early next morning  departure.

I left Nanaimo at night, had a brief layover in Vancouver followed by a brief layover in Toronto and I arrived in Cancun mid afternoon! First time not going through any American airports and definitely noticed the difference not having to contend with the sometimes inconsistent rigors and standards of Homeland Security. All the Canadian airport personnel were efficient and friendly.

Yes, really!

Came to Cancun to attend a MEXTESOL Conference at the Convention Centre here. Just went one day but it was really superb! Lively and informative workshops, publishers’ talks and keynote addresses.  Fantastico!

Did miss out on Dia de los Muertes this year because I didn’t get here until the third but a popular Restaurante, Pericos right in my neighborhood is filed with dozens of frolicking Catrins y Catrinas!

Okayyyyy, back to packing my ONE suitcase for tomorrow’s epic bus journey from here to Oaxaca!  And I don’t use this term lightly because it’s an overnight local bus lasting about 28 horas mas o menos. Good thing this aging jypsygrrl can still sleep on planes, buses, trains and yes, in rather sketchy hostels like my present 85 pesos a night room in the Kancun Hostel. Poorly reviewed in the booking site it’s number one attraction is the rock bottom low, low price for a tourista trap like Cancun.

I’m soooo listo/ready to get outta a place where the locals are surprised you speak espanol and I have to be extra vigilant about my change and asking the taxi driver for the fare first so I don’t get the ad hoc ‘gringo’ pricing!

Will post from the road but probably not upload my postings until I get settled at the Al Sol Apartments in Oaxaca!

Hasta proximente!


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