What It’s Really, Truly Like to Be a Travel Writer


I really enjoy blogging which I believe is all about capturing and freeze framing my traveling and snow bird experiences.  However,  after almost six months during my second winter in SMA because I was working on a guidebook called ‘One Suitcase Snowbird’ my blog production has plummeted or was written ‘on the fly’ to be revisited later. Whenever that was.

As I prepare to return to my NOB home, I’m not all that happy about this.  But I certainly  DO have a new appreciation for professional writers where there is some type of external pressure or deadline imposed to complete a project.

I WILL deliver my first typed draft to my prospective publisher by the end of May but it is quite likely that I will return to blogging for pleasure not business. My writing process is to compose and edit onscreen but since this was a ‘serious’ longer endeavor I reverted to multiple hand written drafts to promote’flow’ between the 18 sections of the threw part Ready, Set, Go format.

I’m in the middle of my fourth Sharpie written draft right now Stay tuned.

Or not.

I’ll be switching over to my Continuing the Artist Way in Nanaimo blog June First.


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