25 Secrets from the World’s Most Frugal, Frequent Travelers | Learnist


Great collection of nitty gritty travel articles for my/ our kind of travel, namely those of us that gag at the mention of all hermetivally sealed all inclusive resorts or boring gated gringo gulch communities that interact very little with the host country.  We are the intrepid retirees who do NOT have two residences one of which is mothballed when living in the other. Say what?

We are the intrepid trail blazing retirees seeking new frontiers, new places to travel, live and volunteer, long stay temporary residences, housesits and have radically downsized our lifetime collection of ‘stuff’ to the point that it fits in the smallest storage locker possible ( and even wonder about that!)

Experiences NOT the acquisition of even more STUFF drives our world and we can make a cozy, comfortable ‘home’ wherever we are, making new friends and keeping in touch with our (frequently envious!) friends and family left behind!

We ARE the face of a new age of vibrant zoomed aged retirees and it ain’t your grandma’s retirement! We’re fearless and we take no prisoners wherever we turn up NEXT!


Here’s to you, Suki, the wonder poodle of Hammond Bay! I know you wanted to come with…but I had to watch the weight of my suitcase! See you in May bearing imported Mexicana toys and treats!


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