Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities for the Older and Bolder |

I just love the term ‘older and bolder.’ It’s shorthand for the type of handcrafted retirement model that entails stripping away everything superfluous to make way for new experiences and opportunities. Without the burden and ongoing grind of home ownership, renos or endless yardwork you are free to move into your brilliance that has been dimmed or even switched off for far too long.

Passport expired? Renew it.
Money pit house? Sell it.
Too much stuff? Donate, sell or throw it away!

Simplification IS the key to a retirement beyond expectation; beyond imagining…

So forget about getting all those unruly ducks in a row and celebrate and offer your like skills and talents at home or abroad.


Cuz on your last day on Earth you do NOT want to have any regrets.

On the weekend I posted a quotation falsely attributed to Buddha that says….Trouble think you have time. Buddha

Well  it wasn’t Buddha but it does ring true especially in the third act of life. All the new age gurus and yes Oprah are always exhorting us to seize the moment and stay in the present but most of the time our frantic North American culture works against us doing just that.

By far, THE biggest gift/regalo my time in Mexico has given me is an acute sense of my mortality (but not in a morbid sense) and how to get and STAY in the natural flow of day to day life as I toss my endless to do lists aside.

And simply BE.

In the Mexican sunshine, no less.

I highly recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities for the Older and Bolder |

  1. I see you are living the life and enjoying the sunshine! Can’t wait until I can join in the fun! Hast luego mi amiga!

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