The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging and Other Declarations of Intent

As the twelfth month dawns on this year I’m remembering things on my ‘ list’ that I didn’t quite get to and two invitations to guest blog was one of them. Although I’ve been blogging for about ten years either personally or for university classes it is not yet a daily or even semi weekly discipline.I seem to be under the impression that I need wait for inspiration to strike which it does but not on enough of a consistent basis. Writers or bloggers just write. That s what they do. Period.

The whole point is that to be a writer/ blogger you just need to do it. Write, that is. Right now, I’m also selecting my best blogs to put together a guidebook for newbie snowbirds. One Suitcase Snowbird. Hence, as of tomorrow, 12/6/14 I pledge to not just think about writing but to actually do it. As of today, I’ve been here five weeks and yes I have written Facebook and Twitter postings, one group email to friends and family, a few topical postings on this blog with pictures and now I have one of possibly three binders to collect my first draft book topics but…

Time to get out of the way of my buts as 2014 winds down. Two Week in a Life of a Snowbird in SMA guest postings are waiting. Still. Good weekend to clean up this blog and go through adding the links and pictures I’ve been meaning to for quite some time now.

No time like the present as they say.



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