On Location at Pollo Feliz


I haven’t posted anything for a few days but with a family fiesta complete with fireworks going full blast outside my casita tonight I thought I’d compose a few thoughts on my life and times in Colonia San Rafael, the neighborhood in which I live.

Have not seen too many gringos walking around here although I understand it is a mixed neighborhood and a family from Winnipeg, Manitoba owns the house next door. However, apparently they are only here for brief periods of time at Christmas and spring breaks and the like. Otherwise I believe that they rent out their house when they are not there.

The people in the private street leading out to Ignacio Allende Road are friendly and I now pay the local not gringo price for my bottle of Coca Cola or Fresco which is 8 pesos not 10. I like to put my money into the colonia so I buy my tortillas, eggs, flowers and two rotisserie chickens on the discount day which is Wednesday coming home from my daily walkabout.

It is very easy to get in the groove of daily life here and I’m getting to be a known person in the area. Often a passerby will greet me with’Buenas dias!’ before I open my mouth which makes me feel like I belong.

It was a lazy daisy Sunday today but I did manage to get to the three o’clock knitting circle at Starbucks. One of the expats here has organized quite a lovely knitting group that makes hats and scarves for kids in the camPO/countryside. I met lots of fascinating women including Gigi from Montreal who taught me a different way of casting on. I generally only knit and crochet in the fall and winter so I needed a refresher.

Anyway, to begin with I got started on a basic all knit electric blue scarf that I’ll work on this week and take to the group next Sunday. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even learn how to make a hat this winter!

Anyway, because I live in a much more accessible area than I did last winter I generally walk home if it’s not dark. At this time of the year it’s dark here by 6:30 p.m. The taxis are cheap so I do not balk at hailing a cab at night for 40 pesos plus propina/tip. No hay problema!

So about six o’clock I was walking home from Centro just observing my surroundings searching for my turnoff corner which is Pollo Feliz, a fast food chicken place with three locations. It was even easier than usual to spot at a distance because some poor schmuck  had been enlisted to dress up as presumably the happy chicken. Seems to me that given the nature of the restaurant the said chickens would NOT be all that happy since they are getting served up with rice, beans and tortillas but the guy in the hello suit was dancing around anyway.

I’ve seen this type of publicity stunt NOB/ north of the border, too so I didn’t think much of it until I also spotted this older woman making a small fire in this hibachi like metal receptacle in front of the restaurant in the street. . Now, I’m not exactly sure if she was going to be cooking or roasting something to sell since I  didn’t’t hang around but if she was she certainly scoped out a high traffic area to set up her ad hoc business!

Just another day in ‘hood. Earlier thus week an expat referred rather disparagingly  to San Miquel as Gringolandia. Well I don’t where he lives in the city but here in San Rafael I’m definitely the guest and visible minority and it sure ain’t Gringolandia!


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