10 Critical Steps to Protect Your Data in the Cloud


If you’ve read an earlier blog posting you’ll remember how devastated I was when my new IPad was literally wrenched out of my two hands in a wifi bar by a passing hoodlum on a quiet Thursday evening in Ajijic. What you might not remember is that as a newbie user I had not registered for the I Cloud and along with my IPad went five months of pictures and videos because I had failed to save them in the cloud.

Don’t let this happen to you. When using electronics of any kind do not become so engrossed that you are not aware of your surroundings.

I wasn’t.

Take the time to back up your data either in ICloud if you are an Apple user or Google Drive for PC and Android users. I have also heard that smartphones have also been the target of various snatch and run scenarios right on the street even in broad daylight.

Be aware of where you are, never leave shopping bags or backpacks in a place where a nanosecond of inattention could alert a pickpocket that you could be an easy target. Crowded markets can be problematic if you have to unzip or reach into your wallet with every purchase. What I do now is decide in advance how much I’m going to spend and put this amount in small denomination bills in an outside pocket for easy access.

Do not dress to draw attention to yourself with watches and expensive jewelry. As gringos we can never ever completely blend in but there are ways to keep a low profile so that you will be safe; feel safe.


I didn’t. Hard lesson learned.


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