No Travel Advisory Warning For San Miquel de Allende and Guanajuato

I’m frequently asked if I feel safe in Mexico.My answer is yes…and yes. Yes, I feel safe and yes I was the unfortunate victim of an IPad robbery in a quiet sports bar right in my neighborhood in Ajijic one night in February two years ago. As shocking as that was at the time I now believe this was more a crime of opportunity. This hoodlum saw an aging gringa intently typing on her tablet not paying attention and just dashed into the bar, snatched it and sprinted down the cobblestone street to the waiting getaway car. Easy peasy. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Two painful lessons learned that night. Have your pictures and videos IN the ‘cloud’ AND pay attention to your surroundings when using electronic devices!

As for where I’m staying this winter the neighborhood is called San Rafael and it is just slightly out of what is considered Centro. I live in a lovely townhouse within the owner’s compounf and I have four keys to get into and out of gates and solid metal doors within doors. With the Mexican lock system you are essentially locked in AND locked out of your dwelling! And if that’s not enough there’s also this little screw thing that you twist in that I’m mobilizes quite a serious deadbolt. And of course, there are high fences and walls around everything and metal grates over windows. Believe me, if you get accidentally locked out and the landlord is away you may have to go and stay with a friend in town cuz you are not going to be able to access any kind of emergency key under a flower pot in your courtyard.



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