The 5 Project Management Tools You Need to Have –

Okay, I’ve given myself a solid week to unpack and acclimation myself to the higher altitude. Today is my first maid day so the time is now to impose a bit of structure to my days. This is not to say that I won’t  have huge blocks of unscheduled, unallocated time on my daily walkabouts but my time here this winter is perhaps a bit more serious, a bit more mindful. Ahhhh, that’s a good word, the mindful snowbird.

Since I’m not the type to sit around a gated resort condo playing cards and swilling margaritas for six months anyway my overall experience this winter has been ratcheted up a couple of noches but nothing overwhelming.

For the last six months, I have spent an inordinate time excavating the life I had stored in a10 by 10 storage unit systematically separating the wheat from the chaff. Well, even six months later, there’s still some chaff in my 135. dollar a month unit but mercifully it’s considerably and significantly less. A whole lot of what I deemed important enough to actually pay to bring to Vancouver Island was sold, given away or pitched into the trash or recycling bins bit by bit or poco a poco as the Mexicans and expats say all the time..



The clear floor space signifies the radical reduction in the amount of stuff I still deem valuable enough (for now) to pay a monthly fee to keep.  And believe me, this has been quite the endeavor but this is what’s left after four downsizing from my four bedroom two story heritage house with a basement and a garage on a double corner lot in downtown Pentictin, British Columbia.. I’m in the second smallest unit in the park. My goal is the smallest unit or simply one of those half size containers you see at storage places on the highway. But for now, I consider this incredible progress!

And as a self processed One Suitcase Snowbird both arriving and departing especially if I want to take the Amtrak train going home from Los Angeles to Vancouver I must keep my shopping proclivities in check this winter. I’m considering getting a mailbox to have an American address in Laredo, Texas as a means for shipping a few space using treasures back to my last address. Notice I did not use the term ‘home’ because as a location independent retiree I no longer have what might be a so called permanent home anymore.

For the vast majority of the time I’m totally good with this but every so often I get a twinge of ‘root growing’  and I start scanning the kijiji or Craigslist ads far too prematurely only serving to make me anxious taking me out of the present. And I have such a beautiful present!

After the maid, Matilde does her efficient thing I’ll post some real, not rental listing pictures of my place. So yes, some of my Joanna-ness, my piles and projects will be on display. This might be deemed clutter for the minimalists among us but it will be honest. I DO have a number of projects and artistic endeavors in various stages of development here and NOB/north of the border and no, I do not put every single thing away every single day. I tend to work visually and need to be able to see what I’ve got or done to know how to proceed on the next right step ( as Julia Cameroon always says in her trilogy of Artist Way books).

Okay enough is enough…for now. Need to get ready for Matilda’s first visit! Such a joy and blessing to essential not do any housework at all for six months!

Viva Mexico!


7 thoughts on “The 5 Project Management Tools You Need to Have –

  1. Wow. Having seen the final door-closing of the previous storage unit, I am here to tell your readers that that empty dance-floor sized space (slow waltz only) is AMAZING! When you get serious about simplifying your life, you really GO girl. Now the trick will be to leave most of beautiful Mexico IN Mexico when you come home. Meanwhile we sit on the misty isle missing you. Misty. (Really, it’s not rain, it’s just heavy, heavy mist…)

    1. Hola Kate,

      Gracias for those kinds words. Yes, I’m right back in the groove of SMA life and arrived here in time for Dia de Muertos. I have simply a beautiful rental in the San Rafael colonia just outside of Centro. And, guess what? LifePath Retreat Center is interested in me facillitating Julia Cameron’s second book, Walking in the World, a Practical Guide to Creativity in the new year! I’ve formed a Continuing the Artist Way in SMA creative cluster/meet up group and posted this so far on Facebook and the Civil List. The first meet up is this coming up Friday at Starbucks in Centro.

      Hope all is well with you and Michael. Buenos noches from SMA! Joanna

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