The Tale of Two Cervezas NOB y SOB

After putting what’s left of my worldly belongings in a much smaller storage unit in Nanaimo and garaging my beloved Mustang convertible I caught a ride to the Duke Point ferry terminal to head towards Twassen, the Bridgeport Skytrain station and Vancouver International Airport. Living on an island makes early morning departures problematic either leaving from Victoria or Vancouver. It’s basically an overnight camp out in the terminal no matter what! At least YVR is a 24 hour airport and Wendy’s, Starbucks and Tim Hortons were open all night.  Small mercies…

After considering Seattle (maybe next winter!) I opted for Vancouver to eliminate one or two additional airports. So my routing this year was Vancouver to Los Angeles to Leon where Viaje San Miquel picked me up with their airport shuttle van. They were there in the terminal once I cleared customs and immigration with a declaration of a proposed 178 out of the allowable 180.  It was soooo great to see my name on a paper held up by the driver after a long basically day/24 hours of traveling.

So now I’m here in SMA and getting settled in my townhouse in the San Rafael colonia slightly out of Centro.

Do what does two beers on both sides of the border have to do with anything? Well in a Sunday to domingo segueway on my last Sunday in Nanaimo I was doing a walkabout downtown in the sunshine enroute to the Nanaimo Blues Festival volunteer appreciation event at the Queens Hotel.


Then after getting as many unruly ducks as I could possibly get in a row NOB I’ve traveled across the states to my winter home in San Miquel de Allende.


And no, I did not dog nap Suki, the wonder poodle of Hammond Bay although I really think she wanted to come with me since she already has a poodle sized sombrero and feels she can learn to bark en espanol!

I will write a separate posting on the amazing observance that is Dia de Muertos but for now let me bridge my NOB/SOB lifestyle with a picture of my first Mexican happy hour at the very popular Tio Lucas restaurante y bar in Centro. When I lived in my cozy casita up in the Los Balcones area last winter I would frequently drive past this packed restaurant at night in a taxi going home so it seemed fitting that for my very first happy hour here I should have my first Pacifico cerveza y guacamole y chips there!



Manana, I’ll recap the truly amazing Day of the Dead observance here and throughout Mexico. If you get a chance to see The Book of Life/ Libro de Vida animated movie drop absolutely everything and go! I saw it in 2D in Nanaimo and I’m planning to see it in 3D at the CineMex theatre at the mall at some point.


Buenas noches from San Miquel de Allende!


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