Question of the Day Will This Suitcase Zip Up?

Great practical advice from a female nomad. She’s also a low maintenance ‘Peppermint Patty’ type of traveler which resonates with me. And because I now like to stay in one place and be a temporary resident as opposed to my previous backpacking days I found her packing list helpful yet flexible.

For example, I skip the hair dryer and the only things I take that plug in are my electronics. Why worry about drying your hair with hot air when you can simply step outside into the beautiful Mexican sunshine and stroll into Centro to have a daily walkabout? Anyway, San Miquel de Allende is in a semi desert locale so daily hair washing is too drying.

Last winter, I visited my favorite Mexico City trained hairstylist in Centro, Juan of  Coiffeur  who cut my go-anywhere-do-anything multi layered shag haircut which basically looks the same combed or uncombed and is long enough to put up with funky hair clips or elastics if I want to. No part style so root regrowth is camouflaged nicely and the three shades also are chosen to blend in with that pesky Arctic Blonde/Gray growing in!


Btw, this the ‘before’ picture from Christmas Day in Mexico City. When I arrive in San Miquel de Allende and get my body and soul glued together after going through four, count’em four airports I’ll post an ‘after’ selfie wearing my latest pair of four dollar Mexican RayBans!

Viva Mexico!

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