Transportation from and to San Miguel de Allende

Am getting right down to the nitty gritty of the final arrangements and details concerning my arrival at Leon International Airport on Halloween night. Have run through countless combinations and permutations but this year I will not be departing from Victoria International Airport. Mainly because it’s a terrible airport to sleep in with an early, early departure time.

Last year the airport terminal security guard took pity on me and I crashed out in the Mothers’ Room on a hard plastic couch with the florescent lights blazing! I was tired so I did fall asleep but this experience is not to be repeated. I don’t mind sleeping in airports per se but definitely not Victoria International that basically closes from midnight to five a.m. when Starbucks reopens.

Fortunately, I still possess the very useful jypsygrrl talent to be able to sleep anywhere with the help of an opaque sleep mask and even though I’m not a morning person I can generally stumble up the ramp of an early morning flight and continue my sleep on board the aircraft. I simply pluck out my leopardgrrl sleep mask and nod off fairly oblivious to everything and anything until the landing announcements come on!

Who cares about the tepid coffee and five cent micro mini bag of the ironically named Bits & Bites? Not me…

Have used a variety of carriers from Alaska to United but this year I’m flying Delta Airlines that still has one free checked piece of luggage! I’m only taking one purple suitcase, a backpack and a laptop in a case but I’m liking the idea that I can check my backpack if necessary and pay the supplementary fee.


Btw, thus is Suki, the Wonder Poodle of Hammond Bay who has been keeping a very close lookout on the packing proceedings for the last month my suitcase has been open! A week ago, she was even burrowing to the bottom to retrieve a forgotten doggy treat!

I think that Suki wants to be a snowdog!


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