How to Live Your Best Life – The Essential Guide for Creating and Achieving Your Life List

There’s a pitchman for Dos Equal beer that is dubbed the most interesting man in the world. One of his truisms that does ring for me is
…It’s never to late to beef up your obituary.

It’s a tongue in cheek remark to be sure but with an element of truth for this aging boomer. Since losing both my parents I have been acutely aware of my mortality. Experiencing Dia de Muertes in Mexico has changed my attitude quite radically because as we know the Grim Reaper is coming for us all; no exceptions. Or as Jim Morrison of the Doors once said, ‘No one gets outta here alive!’  He was only 27 alas, when the Reaper came for him and I passed that early milestone a long time ago but still…

Just what is it that we want to experience, where do we want to visit before it’s our time? Notice I made no mention of what was in my shopping list because one of the great things about being retired is that your material needs lessen quite substantially and it’s ALL about the experience not the accumulation of more and more stuff as perhaps it was in our ‘previous’ full time working life. The stuff matters less and less as we downsize/rightsize our remaining worldly belongings to the point where we own the stuff, the stuff doesn’t own us.

Which brings me to include and consider this ultimate Bucket List sorted into categories! This is a super nova collection of what I would I’d term enhanced life experiences for the retirement years. Naturally, all of them are not going to be of interest but just the prospect of really leaving almost NO stone unturned in ‘beefing up my obit’ is of serious interest!

Which is good because at the moment as I’m getting ready to head to Mexico for my fourth winter I still have to deal with finishing the organization and storage if the’stuff’ that I believe is still relevant for my retirement life on both sides of the border.

Best thing ever? It’s a down loadable ebook that takes no space at all in my suitcase and I can read on the smartphone in my hand or better yet on the Tab Galaxy I’m hoping to receive in the mail from the Toronto Dominion Bank before I head south!


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