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Next week, I’ll be getting’my ticket to ride’ to use a classic Beatles song lyric so from now until then I’ll be researching and running through a whole host of routing scenarios. What I know at this point is that I won’t be leaving from Victoria International because of the poor selection of departure times. Last year I was forced to camp out in the Mothers’ room because there were no late night flights and the early, early flight was much too early to have a friend drive me to Victoria two hours ahead of a 7:00 a.m. flight from Nanaimo.

This airport that calls itself international is closed from midnight to six when the Starbucks at least opens. Earlier on this blog I cited a link to the top and bottom lists for best and worst airports to sleep in. And believe me if Victoria International isn’t on the worst it certainly should have been. Fortunately a security guard took pity on me and at least I had sort of a horizontal sleep in the Mothers’ Lounge!

So scratch Victoria International.

My top two options are going to Victoria, taking the Victoria Clipper to Seattle then flying from there or going to Vancouver and a friend driving me to Bellingham. I’ll be checking both options but the island departure is the front runner at this point because I’ll get one more ride down to Victoria in my beloved silver Mustang, Mavrik.

I even have a coupon to get him detailed before he goes into the garage for the winter!



These two pictures were taken earlier this ssssummer in Penticton where I lived for 20 years. He is in front of Princess Margaret Middle School which has an impressive metal sculpture of what else? Mustangs rearing up!

My Mustang in front of a Mustang. Seemed like a fabuloso foto opportunity so I seized it on a drive around with one of my old friends, Sheila. The sun was shining, the top was naturally down and we looked fantastic! Even drove past the ex in his Beemer ragtop…you know what they say. Looking fabulous is the best revenge!

Mavrik rules! Mustangs trump Beemers any day of the week. Especially with the 50th anniversary coming up next year. Haven’t got to that Greater Vancouver Mustang rally yet but 2015  IS the year!

Be patient, Mavrik. You’re going to the car spa next week!


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