Best to Sleep in Airports and it’s Not Victoria International

At various times through loch or circumstance I’ve had to sleep at airports on my travels. As I consider my routing this winter for my upcoming fourth winter in sunny Mexico I know for sure that Victoria International is not on the list.

Why? This is most decidedly NOT a 24 hour airport. There are no flights either landing or taking of between midnight and six and the Starbucks doesn’t open until 5 a.m.

Previously, I’ve flown out of Vancouver or Victoria to Guadalajara and I had better departure times and arrival times at the other end. This year, going more or less directly to San Miquel de Allende is a completely different story. This year I’m heading to Leon and then getting a shuttle from Leon to SMA about an hour and 45 minutes away! Just a bit trickier…

However,I DO know one thing for certain. I will not be flying out of Victoria. The flight is too early, there are two stops and the arrival time in Leon is not convenient.

Last year, I spent the night in the Mothers’room because the airport security guard took pity on me when he found out I was doing an all nighter!

Not recommended. Hard, plastic uncomfortable couch. All I can say is I was extremely tired by the time I got there and I fortunately have maintained the very useful traveling ability to sleep almost anywhere. I put on my sleep mask and zone out.

The updated plan this year is to go nt Victoria Clipper to Seattle and fly our of Seattle after perhaps a day in Seattle. Mi gusto the Emerald City!

2 thoughts on “Best to Sleep in Airports and it’s Not Victoria International

  1. Calgary Airport rocks! those volunteers in their denims and cowboy hats and boots are just looking for people to look after. When I was coming home from England one late December day, they took me to their lounge, gave me tea and let me use the phone to call my girlfriend who was not home. I got to relax for a while before my next flight home!
    I have been overnight in Vancouver’s airport, and a few others too.

    1. Yeah, camping out at airports is not the best but it does save money. I tried this in Victoria last year. Bad idea. Airport basically closes at midnight. Security guard took pity on and I got to crash out in the mothers’ lounge. At least in Vancouver there is a 24 hour Wendy’s and Starbucks. Calgary? Well, their security scanning people were crabby and inefficient and I missed my connection. So no comment for last year. This year I went through LAX. No hay problema… Buenas noches from SMA! Joanna

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