The Professional Hobo on Solo and Couple Bloggers

My heroine of Location Independent Living, Nora Dunn in a previous post posed the provocative question:

Do solo travelers make better bloggers?

She makes a case for both sides because like many traveling women of a certain age we have done both. Traveling on our own and with the ‘boyfriend du jour.’ One previous boyfriend took great exception to this even though he actually ended up fitting the description all to well alas.

All I can say is that both scenarios are great but in vastly different ways. As I catapult towards the dawn of my sixth decade my traveling style has changed radically and the word ‘holiday’ or ‘vacation’ no longer fit. Leaving my backpacking itinerant wandering days behind nowadays I love being a temporary resident wherever for more in depth exploring. I just assume the role of a local (or as near as I can get to being one!)  and go from there.

I choose the title of my blog, Snowbird Soliloquy because of the alliteration factor and also because even though it was not my initial idea to go to Mexico for the winter I have embraced this variation on the typical retirement lifestyle and made it uniquely my own. Two successful winters in Ajijic, Jalisco and one in San Miquel de Allende hold a treasure trove of fantastic experiences!

Past residences in Mexico have reflected single living. Small, economical and not very conducive to coupledom. This coming winter will be a breakaway/breakthrough winter because the upstairs/downstairs/outside patio space is well laid out and suitable for the possibility of two people happily cohabitating. Certainly the demographics at my age are not working in my favor but hope springs eternal.

Or as my current Leonard Cohen theme song says;

Waiting For a Miracle

I’ll go with that…


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