Mena Trott: Meet the founder of the blog revolution

Mena Trott: Meet the founder of the blog revolution #TED :

Sometimes when I say I’m a lifestyle/retirement blogger I find there is interest; sometimes not or even an upfront declaration that they never read them. They don’t understand the appeal, find them self indulgent or trivial or both.

Certainly, due to the ease of establishing a blog on either of the two main blogging platforms, Blogger or my platform of choice, WordPress this can be absolutely true. No doubt about it. My fondest wish is that the millions of abandoned, unattended blogs would simply vaporize into the ether (including some of my earlier efforts!) instead of still appearing in google searches add infinitum. But that’s just me.

Everyone needs a voice and a sounding board when it comes to something they feel passionate about. Right now, just a mere two years after taking the early exit ramp to Freedom 55 from my previous passionate engagement in 30 years of primary teaching I have indeed found my authentic voice in the blogosphere.

I discovered blogs about ten years ago in graduate school at the University of Calgary, Alberta when I was working on a Masters of Educational Technology and I have fairly steadily used various blogs for grad school course work and other creative outlets including just last week when I submitted my final learning/teaching design project for peer review for an online MOOC Leaders of Learning class at

I think I might have lost track of the current’head count’ but yes, I have given birth once more to yet a new vehicle for my post professional voice. Instead of wishes, hopes, aspirations and plans just continuing to drift around in my head I am now intrinsically motivated to verbalize and clearly illustrate my vision for the evolutionary evolvement of my life as I leave my fifties behind in 2015, the next leap year.

And what does this all mean…if anything?

Guess you’ll have to read my next blog and the one after that and the one in an old blog and an abandoned blog and oh no!

The newest blog still in the’incubator.’

In conclusion, let me poise a purely rhetorical question because you already know the answer before I even ask it. What do you think I was doing in the wifi sports bar in my meigjbourhood in Ajijic in early February, 2012 when a hoodie wearing hoodlum entered Tom’s Bar and wrenched my IPad right out of my hands and sprinted down the entry cobblestone street to a waiting getaway car? Best guess..

If you respond blogging you would be right!

And so it is on this New Moon Monday in August in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.



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