T is the first letter in the word Thank U


T is the first letter in the word Thank you ~ I had my artist walk today at the damn in Nanaimo with the pups. It’s a daily excursion rain or shine for a minimum of an hour. The only variable is the location.

Walking half way through the trails I came across these logs laying on the ground and noticed the shape of the “T”. My immediate thought was T is the first letter in the word Thank you. I decided to look for the rest of the letters to spell out the word Thank you between the time I first spotted the letter “T” and by the end of the walk.

Initially I thought I would look for the letters perhaps randomly however I guess my logical brain took over and decided that in order would make the most sense. Probably for the purposes of posting the letters on facebook.

I was successful in finding all the letters although I had no idea of course when I began my little game how or where I would find the necessary counterparts.

The rest of the letters will follow below as separate images. I’m thankful for all things in my life. Each and everyday i wake up, each and every day I have the use of all six of my senses completely in tact. How fortunate am I!

My morning pages I’ve committed to in writing to complete each and everyday of which I’ve successfully We’re in week two however I’m still reviewing chapter one based on when I picked up my book and grateful to have time to sit back, take in and absorb the greater opportunity at hand while reading, studying and surrounding myself with like minded strong and curious women who are seeking, searching and affirming their own inner strengths, powers and possibilities.

This week I won’t be at the check in time together although I will have completed my assignments as due and energetically I will hold the space for each of my tribal sisters to share from their hearts.

A sense of optimism and play is what we’re to uncover in week 1 and I recognize that the area of “PLAY” is most certainly a place in which I’d like to spend more time creatively.

Perhaps over the past couple of years with challenges as they’ve unfolded for various reasons my sense of play has been tucked away a little bit more than in the past. I have lots of play within me and it’s one of my desires is to play in fun, to play in silliness, to play in laughter and adventure.

when I was married to my second husband, my favorite husband in so many ways, I was always attracted to his sense of play. One of the gifts I recognized and realized in the numerous years since our divorce is my sense of play is not attached to the definition of who he is.

I’m a playful person in my own right and while i can enjoy play while alone there is another beautiful dimension and reality to play in the presence of others who add to the excitement of the play.

I play with my dogs and I love the silliness that they bring to my life. A sense of optimism includes for me that play will always be a part of my life, my future plans and endeavors and that it will equally be spontaneous as well as planned out.

My future desires include having play in my life along with that special someone when the right special someone is destined to be in the right spot at the right time for the right reasons.

Regardless of that special someone or not, my sense of play is all about me and I AM a playful person of which I’m deeply appreciative of and who I LOVE as I AM. Nancy Battye I AM, I AM Nancy Battye all about play! H

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