A Slight Backtrack to Last Week in Mexico!

Being a long term snowbird/temporary resident is a funny thing vis a vis the perception of time. When I first arrive, immediately after I heave a huge sigh of relief and getting through all the security cheques and border control counters to get here is my feeling that with a five month stay booked I have ALL the time in the world to do absolutely everything I want to do and see in the area. So the days, weeks and months unfold until I get to what might be termed the ‘tipping point’ or the midway mark that this year happened mid February.

And then, with the dawning realization that the time that seemed expansive upon arriving is in fact, finite and on the downhill slide putting things on the calendar seems just a bit more important, but still subject to change, revision or outright ignoring, of course. Retirement is not and should not be a J O B and it is certainly not necessary to be busy, busy, busy every waking moment of every day. Afterall, it IS Mexico! Why come here if you are going to continue your overscheduled, multi tasking overwrought NOB lifestyle? If anything, I want to bring my more relaxed, less scheduled joyful snowbird  pace of life in my overweight maletas!

What I decided this year to do was pack up the casita and head into Centro to spend my last day/night IN the heart of the city IN Centro.


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