Location Independent Living Around the World


Far from being an anomaly, as I’m finding out,  more and more people are like six year full time intrepid wanderer, Nora Dunn of http://www.professionalhobo.com who claims to have so fine tuned her independent location globally wandering lifestyle that she claims that she flies only with carry on luggage. Seriously.

This weeks Attencion newspaper also has an article about a couple who used to (past tense) have property both in North America and here in San Miquel but have now chronicled their current globetrotting location independent lifestyle in a book called, ‘Home Sweet Anywhere.’ Interesting…and yes, amazing!

Surveying my two rather heavy suitcases in my casita tonight I find the carry on claim rather incredulous and would actually like to see this in real life. Did someone say ‘Reality Show?’

As a former backpacker in my earlier traveling years now I’m quite happy to establish a temporary ‘home base’ in a foreign country and really explore the city and surrounding cities being in one place long enough to volunteer for local festivals (San Miquel Literary Festival in February)or English schools.

The Mexican bus lines are very competitive here and are clean, efficient and convenient. Last week I went in a field trip to San Juan de Rio which is an extra bus past Quereterro and I easily went there and back even with my typical late morning start.



My slowly improving espanol was definitely put to the test during a walkabout in Centro San Juan de Rio because unlike Guanajuato and Quereterro there is not even a small expat presence or none that my Canadian friend who operates an English Escuela there was aware of. It’s a picturesque city but from what I could tell from my short visit there it lacked some of the amenities and shopping that after four months in San Miquel I’m now taking for granted.

And I DID find out that my current level of espanol was indeed functional and I managed just fine doing a bit of shopping, going to a Chinese restaurante and hailing a bright orange, not green taxi to return to the bus station to return to San Miquel.


2 thoughts on “Location Independent Living Around the World

  1. Joanne…I spent some time in San Juan del Rio a few years ago while visiting friends in Queratero. I’m curious about your Canadian friend with the English School because I also met a Canadian woman who had an English school in that very town. I was contemplating working there.
    Anyway when you get back to Nanaimo please contact me and we can meet for lunch.


    1. Her name is Laurie Roberts and she has just moved back to San Juan de Rio. She moved her school to San Antonio, Mexico after a nasty divorce. San Antonio, btw, is beside Lake Chapala. Laurie is originally from Sherwood Park, Alberta. I will look up the exact name of her school that I visited that is just getting reestablished. Or contact me at ramblingrrl@gmail.com and I will send you the contact info. There is virtually no expat community in San Juan de Rio so I’m pretty sure that this Canadian is the one you know of. Joanne B

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