Ladies Who Lunch…


One of the many joys of being a snowbird in Mexico is the ability to try out so many of the wonderful restaurantes here in San Miquel de Allende. Earlier today, I had a wonderful Adios…for Now lunch with three of my new amigas that I met in the Artist Way Gathering led by local assemblage artist/interiour designer/ improv troupe leader, Joesph Bennet currently NOB in Dan Diego, California.

We convened upstairs at 13 Cuna Allende in Centro within view of the iconic landmark El Jardin and orderlooking the spectacularly beautiful colonial city of San Miquel which has been my south of the border home for four truly amazing months.

We had drinks, guacamole and chips, four substantial muy rico entrees, dessert and coffees and all for about half of what a lunch at a mid range restaurant NOB would be and we’re talking for only two people and two drinks and coffee with no dessert. The staff was friendly and took the picture above. Adios, Mary Beth, Barbara and Robin!

Si dios quiren/if God is willing, a great Spanish expression, I’ll see you all (and our absent friends) at the end of the year in November!

I’ve found a wonderful townhouse rental in the San Rafael Colonia just outside Centro but which has frequent bus service and a manageable hill to and from Ignacio Allende Privada. This fortuitous turn of events just before my departure really makes me very happy. And this is in quite a long serious of happy days, weeks and months here whether I attend Spanish our art classes, go to a concert or a movie or simply go on a walkabout stopping here and there taking a picture with my handy dandy Galaxy smartphone.

Here’s a peek at the new digs where I’ll be able to entertain and with two bedrooms, one upstairs in the loft I can even have guests visit. The tiny casita up on the hills of Los Balcones has been clean, safe and comfortable but the location and all the road and sewer construction has been problematic both leaving and coming back for the last two months!


This is my winter rental of 2014. It is located in a large estate owned by an expat from Germany and contains other rental units now empty because the high season is ending for this winter.

Here’s a peek at my new rental in the San Rafael colonia. Even though the expat owners from Atlanta, Georgia call this a casita I think it’s more of a multi level townhouse with a loft overlooking the living room that has a fireplace with a cabinet above for the television. The owners lived here while they built their dream house with a beautiful city view. It has a secure, separate metal door to the street and a nice size fenced yard and patio with a gate.





Lots and lots of light coming in from all four directions! And of course, Mexican sunshine which is what brought me to Mexico three winters ago in the first place!

2 thoughts on “Ladies Who Lunch…

  1. So much fun today at lunch! I don’t know why, but I am unable to view the photos. DARN IT!! When you return I will have your items safe & sound waiting for U!!

    1. Hmm…that’s a mystery! I’ve been posting them from my smartphone and when I went to a cyber cafe in SMA I could see the pictures. If you have a cyber cafe in your colonia they only cost 10 pesos and hour or even less.

      Gracias again for helping me out by storing the winter items. I had more space in mi maleta to bring back more useful for spring/summer items and of course regalos for all my NOB friends!

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