Teaching English Abroad: Preparing to Go Checklist


I wrapped up my second class here at the San Miquel School of English but I was invited by my Level 6 classe to attend their graduation on Saturday so I will post pictures of facility that is truly past old to the ancient category, in desperate need of paint and the classroom I was in was dark as a cave and not very well equipped by North American standards.

Doesn’t matter. One of my five adult students attended this school as a child and still has good memories. It’s really not the physical building that make this or any place in the world a school, it’s the teachers, the students and the rapport between them. 

I’m am so very glad and yes grateful that I still have this nebulous ‘x ‘ factor to ‘jack’ a Simon Crowell term. My very last career school had a great students,parents and a community but a truly appalling McPrincipal whose chief talent was to kill my joy and force me to return to and stay in a SD approved ticky tacky box that supposedly the ‘suits’ downtown encouraged their teachers to think outside of. He contributed his ‘straw’ to the camel’s back and my decision to take the early exit ramp out to retirement.

Lip service and glib teacher-ese/teacher speak imho. Now a full three years out with NO parole officer to report to…ever… I finally, finally  feel like myself in the classroom. I’ve moved into adult education leaving early childhood ed in the rear view mirror but that’s okay; more than okay, actually.

This new frontier opens up a whole range of new opportunities in both the volunteer and paid realm (f2f and online)to top up my less than full teacher’s pension.  My life is so much more richer, more colorful and infettered is a word that comes to mind now. Hanging on for more dinero just wasn’t an appealing option. What is ever enough really?

I have enough, more than enough but in many more fantastico ways than merely numbers on my automatically deposited monthly pension cheque. So many more.

With just five days left in my third snowbird winter I am grateful and give thanks that I did take that early exit ramp into the unknown escaping the soul deadening shackles of SD 67 with it’s collection (yes, sadly not just one) of micromanaging McPrincipals…

What do they say about the road far, far less traveled? That it made all the difference in the world.

True enough…



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