Mexican Dogs/ Peros de Mexico

Mexican dogs are a special breed. They are tough survivors in a place where some small stores do not even sell dog food. On the other hand, also in Centro there is an exclusive, high end doggy boutique that has all kinds of cutesy outfits for pampered canines that are cared for as well or even better than family members!

Mexican dogs prowl flat rooftops and like to survey and bark at passers by letting them know that they are walking past their staked out territory. Even small dogs can sound loud and fierce at a height! There’s a shocking amount of stray dogs in this city and apparently the shelters are jam packed with dogs hoping to catch someone’s eye and move to a forever home.

The two rescue German Shepherd dogs here in the Los Balcones colonia have certainly acquired a great home on this large walled property where they have a lot of expanse to run around. I had to dog sit Max and Bella when the landlady was visiting her home country of Germany and I got to know them quite well. They are terrific guard dogs and are patient sentries at the iron gate seeing you off and welcoming you home whether it be ten minutes or ten hours.



Mexican dogs are sooo relaxed. When they are tired they just tip over absolutely anywhere and of it’s on a busy sidewalk and a constant stream of walkers have to step over them well, there’s no cause for alarm…or to wake up right in the middle of a perfectly good siesta and move to a different spot. The dog pictured below in the art gallery was so peacefully sleeping he could have been a very realistic sculpture with a tag and a price!


Fancy fancy dog bed? Noooo, that’s for gringo dogs!


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