Saturday Betwixt and Between

The Saturday after Good Friday is always an in between day awaiting the big, big finale. So I did what many people do on both sides of the border. I went to the mall.

The mall here is open air and has Sorianas, a grocery store with a good selection of items and yes even peanut butter. Somehow my large Costco jar carried back from Queretero didn’t quite make the month so needed a small top up.


And yes, that IS the most popular bread brand here, BIMBO. Apparently esta palabra/word does not have the same connotation south of the border cuz sports teams here proudly run around the fields with BIMBO Jerseys, no hay problema! And BIMBO t shirts are sold in markets everywhere for kids or adultos.

In any case, besides doing a little shopping I went to see Hijo de Dios/Son of God.  An excellente 35 peso choice for an afternoon and it had subtituladas to learns few new words. Fairly decent rendition of the Story and the actor who played Jesus really knew how to do that Nicholas Cage tortured look in the final days. Mark Burnett of Survivor fame was the producer.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Betwixt and Between

  1. Did you buy any Bimbo tee shirts?!!!!! Too funny! Did you feel the earthquake? I wondered about you. Thank you for your lovely message re the artists way! Will get back to you soon. When do you arrive back in Nanaimo?


    1. Hola,
      No, I didn t buy a BIMBO tshirt but it would be muy comico! I m just down to my last ten days here and just where did the time go…but yes, I ve had a muy bueno tiempo and I m returning with all kinds of fresh ideas for the next Artist Way grupo so I really hope you can join us and fear not, I blog like I breathe now so I ll be switching over to shortly. I m just loving my unlocked smartphone for taking pics and posting on the fly.

      I ll be leaving next Monday to start making my way NOB and once I glue my body and soul together and know what time zone in we should do lunch at Serious Coffee again. I m staying in Hammond Bay once more for the time being where my Mustang ragtop is in the Mulligan s garage. Got my rental lined up for next winter and it s a beauty! 2 bedroom townhouse with loft just outta Centro. It s secure, has a bit of a yard and patio and has windows in all directions. Took it for the full six months less a day cuz it s only 450. USD a month all inclusive, utilities, wifi, Telecable, weekly maid and laundry service. What could I do? AND yes, I will have room for company next winter. November to the end of April. Sooooo much cheaper than staying home and a higher quality of life. And hey, I only insure Mavrik for six months anyway. It s a toy car.

      Take care, mi amiga. Hasta pronto! Joanne

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