Good Friday Procession…

Lo siento, sorry this is a bit out of sequence. I m sure there is a way to reorder the postings but I don t know how to do it…yet. In any case, I ve got some great pictures of the very impressive Good Friday procession that started in the Jardin/Plaza and slowly, very slowly snaked past the Starbucks esquina/corner where I was waiting with hordes of people packing the sidewalks the whole length of the procession. It started with the priests carrying the banners followed by a full contingent of Roman soldiers including drummers and then the reason for the season came into view. Yes, there He was on the cross with His long hair blowing in the breeze. Since I m writing this on Sunday after seeing the newly released Hijo de Dios/ Son of God at the Cinemex yesterday afternoon my recollection and reflection is somewhat tempered by the very strong visuals in this movie. And as for the actor that played Jesus,. well don t get me started haha…Suffice to say he was very credible and compasionate and possessed all the traits that he was supposed to have; and then some!


Anyway, i was in a great place just outside Starbucks to hoist my Galaxy smartphone above my head and capture some superb shots as the crucified Christ was carried ever so slowly around the corner and down the street. Then there were various and sundry angels of all persuasions and a chicken of all things. I m sure it is symbolic of something important, I m just not sure at the moment what it was. After I lost track of the angels being carried and the choir boys and girls dressed as angels and was getting a bit clautraphobic I decided to return to Starbucks for a coffee or something so I could escape the maddening crowds so to speak. Since this Starbucks is located in a old hacienda it is elevated above the sidewalk and offers an excellent vantage to see the rest of the procession as dusk fell in Centro. Naturally, the procession participants was well equipped and some of the city men carried gas lanterns along the route.

I just got my order and relocated my chair close to a window to watch the rest of the procession when I sensed the crowd getting really emotional. I looked up and through the barred windows and the glass coffin bearing the deceased Christ went by stopping right in front of me so I could snap a few pics before it went down Hidalgo Calle. Then there were more children and other angels as night descended so at that point I decided to hike down the blocked off street to one where a taxi might be going by to take me back to my casita in Los Balcones. As I get closer to my departure date my casita is looking more and more like a b and e site with my suitcase out and my piles of things to either give away to my friends here, the maid or throw out. I ll probably have to mail back a box of assorted items to make sure that mi maleta is withing the weight limit. I really haven t shopped as much as in the last two previous winters but still…the mercados are sooooo good here!

Okay, we now return you to your regular domingo programming whatever that may be. In checking my blog statistics, I see that I ve had a spike in readership over the Easter weekend so the pressure is on to post some more content and pictures before heading home. And yes, I still have two guest postings pending one for and one for this retirement living blog that contacted me a while ago. I don t know where the time goes…but it does…


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