Cinema Splendor Tonight

Besides the multi screen  Cinemex that shows first run flicks including almost all the Oscar nominated ones there are four options, all of which include an alcoholic beverage  with the ticket price.

I’ve gone to all three and last Monday I saw ‘Her’ with Joachim  Phoenix after a four year hiatus from the film world coming back better than ever, imho. This was the selection for dinner and a movie at Cafe Monet on Zacateros Calle. Full dinner, glass of wine and coffee and dessert at a break about three quarters of the way through. A very enjoyably 80. pesos well spent. Last Train to Lisbon will be my last dinner and movie night for this winter. Unless I decided to go to the other Pocket Threats for their offering. The sands of time are almost through the hourglass for another winter.

Second option is the Biblioteca theater where I saw two documentaries this winter. A very funny one about the Life and z times of Joan Rivers and the second about The Tibetan Book of the Dead. With the Reel Doc former choice there was a filmmaker in attendance and a Margarita reception followed. And yes, Juanita this WAS in a library!

The third and fourth alternative is a wonderful SMA feature called pocket theaters. There are two in Centro mostly showing art house or film festival fare. I saw ‘Nebraska’ and ’20 Feet from Stardom’ in one of the pocket (as in small) theaters and tonight I’m going to try out the other wonderfully named Cinema Splendor. Tonight’s selection for 80 pesos including drink and popcorn is ‘Enemy’ which should prove to be muy interessante!

Will report back mas tarde/later.

The movie, Telefilm Canada produced effort was definitely different and I had the cinema to myself even. It was based on a short story about this University of Toronto history professor who spots his exact double or doppelganger in a movie and decides to track down his twin for motives unclear even to himself. At a certain point you know that he, the original protagonist knows that only one will survive and then the twists and turns get really murky to match the sallow yellowish filter the director of photography/cameraman uses to shoot the soulless concrete canyons of downtown Toronto. And thankfully Toronto is not tricked out to try to pass as an American city as it sometimes is the cinematic custom.

Anyway, Jake Gyllenhal plays both parts of his alter ego and is credible in both. Film great,    plays his mother in mostly a throw away character in a scene verifying that he did not have a twin brother. Evil or otherwise…

It’s quite apparent that the screenwriter for this lightweight 90 minute film is a David Cronenberg aficionado.

And no,


I won’t tell you why…

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