Turismo en México | Plaza Principal de San Miguel de Allende. – Turismo en México


This was the location of some of the wonderful Shrines honoring Our Lady of the Sorrows last Friday. There was one begging the Parochial Church that just moved me to tears. It featured a dad looking mother of Christ with a bloodied, crumpled Jesus at her feet just cut down from the cross. The shrine also has bitter oranges, flowers and petals placed in intricate patterns using stencils. I had witnessed the creation of these petal temporary works of art during a past Dias de la Muertes observance in Chapala, Jalisco last winter. Unfortunately, my camera phone was very low on battery power so I was only able to take very few shots and only with my Cartoon Your Camera so.

This one was taken right in front of the biggest, most impressive and iconic churches in San Miquel and out also featured singers and musicians.


Not the best shoot as it is quite grainy but yes, Juanita I WAS in Centro on the Our Lady of the Sorrows Day. Apparently, according to my sourced in the Lakeside area this is a uniquely SMA and are a tradition. Some of the other places  have processions that are similar during Semana Santa but the purple cloth draped sorrowful mother of Christ are known in this region.

And speaking of Semana Santa, rattler this week I went to this muy interessante lecture and slide show given by Charlotte Bell, author and photographer of ‘Tears from the Crown of Thorns.’ She has taken it upon herself to thoroughly and comprehensively chronicle every last detail of the observance right from the pilgrimage bringing in Senior of the Columns from an outlying church right to the blowing up of the Judas figures in the El Jardin, the Central Plaza of San Miquel.

Charlotte Bell have each one in attendance a l day by day list to all the events, map of where they take place, the routes for the processions and suggested places to stand our take photographs.

Amazing! http://www.charkottebell.com

And yes there is ever so much to come. I’m writing this as the church bells ring out as a call to the evening mas. Tomorrow the bells will be silenced and the re swaddled as we move into the saddest day in Christianity, the crucifixion and death of Jesus.


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