How to MORE Than Get By in Spanish

A long while ago I ordered a program called Synergy Spanish which I found helpful but not as immediately useful as the Warren Hardy system to learning espanol in a way where you are not just learning scripts but actually generating sentences to fit real life situations.

In Level One we learned 100 Power Verbs in the present tense and because these verbs are high frequency not only do I use them daily here but I can pick them out in conversations and when reading subtituladas when watching TeleCable and pelliculas/movies.

So when I returned this winter I had thought that I would increase my vocabulary of new words/palabra nuevo which I have and I did take Level 2 of Warren Hardy which I did but now what? I can put sentences together to convey my day to day needs and ask and answer questions pero/but now after four and a half months of my third winter my assessment is that I’m at about Level 1 and a half.

Certainly, I’m not at all worried about going off the beaten track or to a place like where I was yesterday like the city of San Juan de Rio where there are almost no gringos whatsoever as in none. I was visiting an amiga, Laurie Roberts at her relocated English Works language escuela. Last winter in Ajijic, I volunteered to help one of her teachers with a small class of adultos.

Funny how things work out vis a vis timing. Laurie closed the Jalisco branch of the school in December. Initially I had thought/hoped that she would be able to sponsor me as an exchange teacher but as the school was being relocated there was not likely to be enough part time hours available.

Which is how I ended up in San Miquel de Allende.

I’m glad. San Miquel is just the right blend of Mexican and familiar culture with it’s 10 percent expat population. Ajijic was much higher and I did not have to use my espanol cada dia like here.

Yes, there are restaurantes with two sides bilingual menus pero I can manage quite well, gracias, in back street hole in the wall places/cantinas where you get a full meal of homemade enchialada y frijoles and a couple of bedidas for only cuarenta/40 pesos which is a little over 3. CAD.

Since I have to say that I am not the most disciplined person in the world I think that a monthly program like thus may be very useful to retain and enhance my current betwixt and between level of espanol.


Okay, onward to embrace mi miercoles!


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