Teaching English Online for Supplementary Income


International Living Magazine has long touted teaching English as a way to earn income while living overseas. Well, I’m not overseas and do have a partial teacher’s pension from my thirty years of teaching in three provinces and California but yes, a peso (or other currency) top up would be most welcome to access additional opportunities that come my way.

As I reach the half way point on my fifth and finale month here in San Miquel and also will be wrapping up my second adult ESL class here I’m looking ahead and setting some new goals for my personal new year/birthday that is coming up next month.

Certainly the top one for the summer is to continue to simplify and downsize my worldly possessions to a manageable amount with a view to establishing some type of a co rent or other sustainable living arrangement if I want to continue to be a happy snowbird. At the moment I will be returning to a lovely, comfortable home in the Hammond Bay area where my Mustang convertible is currently garaged. I am very grateful for this on this Palm Sunday.

The second is to look into teaching online once I sort out my PayPal issues. I once sold items on ebay with a friend but my banking is different, my city is different and the glory years of ebay selling are long gone imho. Hence, I need that issue sorted out to pave the way for supplementary income flowing directly into my bank account. My goal is to have this sorted out and to establish an online teaching presence by the time I return to SMA next year. I will need either an upgraded or completely  new laptop situation. My old Toshiba with the addition of a webcam/ headset may still fulfill the requirements but I’m not sure.

Certainly I am aware that there are a number of companies that are actively recruiting teachers and the one with the link above has a fair amount of the market share in Latin America which I am primarily interested in. When I return to Nanaimo, of course, as an ESL volunteer for the downtown literacy center I will be interacting and teaching adults from many different countries. Apparently the supporting and summer months are very active.

It is all yet to be revealed.


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