El Charco del Ingenio – San Miguel de Allende


For gringos this is known as the Botanical Gardens. This is just shonen the road from me up here in the wilds of Los Balcones so it is definitely on my’list’ of things to do before mi maletas/suitcases go to the Leon Airport on the 30th.

Best of all, NO taxis are required! I can walk there. I can walk back.

How very unusual! AND cost effective.

But what’s planned for this afternoon is a walkabout in next winter’s colonia of San Rafael. I’ve miraculously arranged next winter’s accommodation and I am just thrilled.

There are so many wonderful opportunities and things to do and see that this winter’s four months is only a warm up act!



3 thoughts on “El Charco del Ingenio – San Miguel de Allende

  1. Hey gringa, having a bit of trouble contacting you by email. I cant get anything to ‘send’ to you. I’m still using your gmail address. Is that correct?

    1. Hola, Yes, my email is still ramblingrrl@gmail.com Remember two rr s. Hope all is well. Gracias for checking out my blog! Hard to believe but my third winter in Mexico is coming to a close and I’m packing up my south of the border life really soon! Feliz Pascua/Easter from San Miquel de Allende! Joanne p.s. And remember if you are on the coast just hop a ferry! My next Artist Way group is starting on May 14th to July 30th so I’m in town for the first three months. But I’m open for a Thelma and Louise roadtrip down the WA, Oregon and California Coast to Weed,CA and then we’ll drive you home on Highway 97! Say about 10 days mas o menos…think about it! Btw, Weed,CA is the start of Highway 97!

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