Trigger Warnings?

This posting is about the disclaimers that some writers put before their memoir, autobiography or other form of writing. I had seen and actually used such a warning in a short film I made with my students in my previous life called,’The Message.’ It was about the paradoxes of life on this planet and that there must be much more intelligent life on other planets.

Our warning went something like this:

Warning: The subject matter of this film may be disturbing for OLDER viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Well, now I know the correct term, trigger warning and that it also applies to writing.

Hence MY trigger warning for my retirement/travel/snowbird blog is as follows:

The contents of this blog may cause you to re evaluate your previous retirement plans and develop a strong or even overwhelming desire to torpedo the status quo, simplify and downsize your accumulation of ‘stuff’and consider a much, much wider range of possibilities for the third chapter of your life than ever before!

Consider the  global options AND what Jim Morrison of the Doors once wisely said, ‘No one gets outta here alive!’

Truer words have never been spoken OR written imho…



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